Download Your Application Form

Downloading your application form. Please follow these guidelines

When ready click on the Indie Market Place link for the form you want which will automatically cause the file to download and open in a package called Google Docs.

Once in Google Docs, the document cannot be updated as it is a PDF reader in Google rather than what we really need which is for the file to open up in Adobe Acrobat Reader. On the page where the document is open, it is possible to save it to your computer by choosing the menu option: File/Download or simply pressing the Ctrl Key and the S Key. Once saved, please open in Adobe Reader and complete the form.

Once the data in the form is filled out. Simply press the 'Send by Email' button on the top right hand side of the form to send it to us!

Indie Market Place Application Form - All Indoor Markets!

If you're having trouble working the forms?

Application Form Troubleshooting ideas (Web Page)


Application Form - Troubleshooting guide download!