Form Problems FAQ?

So what happens when the form doesn't work as expected? Here is a few known answers we've encountered along the way.

Q: Why do you do your form this way and not using something a little more straightforward like Microsoft Word?

A: In two simple words: Accuracy and Error rates! As I am a single operator with no partners or dedicated support people, it is important that I can process your application quickly and accurately without re-typing. Re-typing typically creates a lot of errors, and is the main source of errors with applications for me! So if I can bring your data straight in, I can get this done quickly, minimise administration and get on with promoting the market for you.

Q: Do I really have to fill in this form for EVERY market event I want to attend?

A: The good news is No!! I am not that cruel! I only need your details once, from that point, as long as none of your other original information changes, like address, phone numbers, business names, registration numbers or stall preferences (size, music, tables, photography) etc, simply let me know what other events you wanted to attend and then I'll simply migrate the details across! Any changes? Simply let me know by email to (Please put "Change of Details" in the subject).

Q: Do you have any troubleshooting ideas?

A: Yes, we do. Here is what I know.

The application form if filled in correctly will generate an XML file for email to me. Getting the file in that format is important as it enables me to automate the upload of all the required data into my system, reduces the rate of errors in re-input, and reduces the amount of adminstrative work I have to do here, which in turn means I can keep my stall fees lower.

Most of our errors occur when we retype from a printed form.

There are a couple of instances where the form won’t work.
  • Do not attempt to complete the form from within Google Docs. Downloading the form sometimes open it up in Google Docs. If that happens, choose the Download option within Google Docs and then open it up in Adobe Acrobat. 
  • The form may not work in the Mac Computer Environment
What will be needed?
Finally, most of the problems involve not filling out all the fields correctly. The Red lined fields are mandatory data but there are some other fields which are important even if they aren’t red lined.

If we follow the form in order:
  • Business Place Application: This is a pull down menu, there is a little arrow on the right, which if clicked allows you to pull down and select the desired market. (This will only allow you to choose one market, but we only need your main details once. When we have your details for the first market we can replicate the details for subsequent markets you wish to apply for, so just select the first market and then let us know of the other ones you're interested in)
  • About you: (the most common mistake is overlooking the salutation radio buttons. Please choose either Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss)
  • First Name: Enter as normal
  • Surname: Enter as normal
  • Business Name: If you don't have one please enter N/A
  • Street Address: Enter as normal
  • City: Enter as normal
  • State: Also has a pull down menu. Should default to Vic
  • Post Code: Enter as normale
  • Mail Address: Enter as normal
  • Landline Phone Number: Requires a specific format of area code followed by the phone number without spaces, dashes etc eg: (03) 9765-3656 would be input as 0397653656
  • Mobile Phone: Requires a specific format of mobile phone number without spaces, dashes etc eg: 0417 347 541 would be input as 0417347541
  • Vehicle Rego No: Enter as normal
  • Website: if there isn't one simply enter n/a
  • Blogs, Facebook, Twitter: Enter as normal 
  • Product Category: Enter as normal. This is important to enter accurately as this is often used as a basis for determining whether we have too much of one product or service. Inaccurate or vague descriptions can lead to a stallholder being excluded if there seems to be several competing products.
  • Describe your product: Enter as normal
  • Where are you based and how are your products made: Enter as normal. Another important field as it determines selection.
  • Price Range: Enter as normal
  • Check this Box if you need power: Check it if you need power (should be ticked if power needed)
  • We Will film the market for promotional purposes: Please check if you don't want to be filmed.
  • Stall Choices: These are a series of radio buttons. Please select the one you want.
  • Hire Tables: Please click if you need them.
  • Music: Please click if you'd like to be further away from musicians
  • Legal Stuff: (ALL MUST BE CHECKED) or application will be rejected.
    • Electronic Signature
    • Agree to Terms and Conditions
    • Declaration all products are genuine and not counterfeits of brand names;
  • Finally!! Signed By: Often this field is left blank which may trigger that error.
If this does not help to generate the proper xml file, please contact me at

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